About the Artist
From the age of three Nadya Groneman developed a very strong attraction to color. Her father could see from a young age that his little girl was an artist at heart. It seems she had inherited his love of color and beauty. He taught her how to draw, color, and blend colors. As her interest grew, he nurtured her talent. He bought her oil pastels, watercolors, markers and color pencils. One year he built her an easel out of wood where she spent hours experimenting.
As Nadya grew older, she discovered her love of color could be applied towards cosmetics. Eventually her focus shifted towards a career in makeup and fashion. At 23 she decided to attend the Euphoria School of Arts and Sciences to pursue her license in Aesthetics.
At 24, she began her journey as professional makeup artist and has had a successful career since then. The last six years her brushes have taken her all over Las Vegas, NV. Her resume includes bridal, film, production and fashion.
2020 has been the year she rediscovered the fun form her childhood. These days you can find her painting up a storm in her studio. She’s constantly experimenting with different techniques, color schemes and textures.